Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dinner Prayer

Heavenly Father great and good, let us thank Him for our food. Guide and keep us through each day, bless us even as we pray. Amen.

This was the dinner prayer that my family said every night before dinner. Growing up in a Christian home we had dinner as a family every night around the table. We said this prayer in unison before any of our food was touched and then visited over a healthy home cooked meal. Dinner time was like an open forum where all members of the family could share their excitement, sorrows, fears and questions. We would visit about the mundane of our day some nights and then the next night research a topic in the bible or encyclopedia. Whatever the topic, we were all included as a family and encourage one another... or our parents taught us how to encourage each other. My parents took an interest in mine and each of my siblings life and taught us how to live each day in faithful Christian manner. I was able to gain my parents trust and knew that whatever came up in my life I could come to them and the Lord and it would be OK. I cherish the many, many family meals I shared with my family growing up and now as an adult my husband and I continue to sit as a family with our young children, bless our meal and discuss the day. 

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